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Pro Bono: Doing work without asking for a payment. :)

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"Don’t just look at the present 


Don’t just look at the here and now. 

Take this chance to ask ourselves.

When the recovery finally comes, whether it is six months, nine months, how do we position your business, our economy to go out faster than the rest of the people?”


—  Chan Chun Sing, Trade and Industry Minister


Help with your

Business Proposal

You have a great idea to start or grow your business? What's next? Let me help you to put together a business plan detailing all aspects towards achieving your goal. I can also help in preparing a professional presentation deck for your stakeholders.

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Help with

Government Funding

You want to bring your business to the next level, but you need help in financial or capability.  There are tons of help for SMEs in Singapore. Let me show you the whats and hows. I can help you with the relevant grant application process and seek the highest support possible.

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You just want someone to talk to :)

You have some ideas to start or transform your business. Or you may be facing some road blocks and wonder what's next. Perhaps you just need someone to listen and bounce off ideas. Or someone to 'spar' with. Let me hear you out and think of the possibilities, together.

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This is the number of SMEs in Singapore, contributing 2/3 of the country's employment and 50% to her GDP.


The number of grants and schemes available to help SMEs and workers in areas such as capabilities, financial, and HR.


This is the amount of budget set aside by the Singapore government in Budget 2021 to help businesses & workers.

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Hi, I am Kenneth and I am passionate in helping SMEs succeed. Well, that's the reason I set up this site I hope to reach out to more SME business owners out there who may need help in their businesses. 


With more than 20 years of working experience in both the public and private sectors, an Engineering Bachelor and an MBA, I hope to put all these experience and knowledge together to help Singapore SMEs. I have worked on numerous business plans and proposals, detailing the strategy, operations and people aspect to help SME transform and win in the market. I have also helped companies implement capability-building initiatives with significant government fundings.

Drop me a message. Let's have a chat. We can bounce off ideas. We can spar. We can ideate. We can learn from each other. And, I do this pro bono.  :)



Over here, you will find some useful sharings including my thoughts, some of my previous works, and other useful stuff that may help you in your business.


You miss 100% of the shots you don't take

Let me help you!

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